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Active / Passive Harmonics Filter

Introducing Active/Passive Harmonics Filters: Enhancing Power Quality and Efficiency for Your Business

Why Active / Passive Harmonics Filter

At Enercon Asia, we understand the critical role that power quality plays in ensuring the smooth operation of your electrical systems and equipment.
Harmonic distortions caused by non-linear loads can lead to numerous issues, including increased energy consumption, equipment malfunctions, and reduced system efficiency. That's why we offer advanced Active/Passive Harmonics Filters to address these challenges and optimize your power infrastructure.

Our Power Quality Products Portfolio

Harmonic Mitigation

Our Active/Passive Harmonics Filters are specifically designed to mitigate harmonic distortions caused by non-linear loads in your electrical system. These filters effectively reduce voltage and current harmonics, preventing them from interfering with sensitive equipment and systems. By maintaining a clean and stable power supply, you can significantly minimize the risk of equipment failures, malfunctions, and downtime.

Improved Power Quality

Harmonic distortions can impact the overall power quality, affecting the performance and lifespan of your electrical equipment. With our Active/Passive Harmonics Filters, you can ensure a high level of power quality throughout your facility. By reducing harmonics, voltage fluctuations, and power factor issues, these filters enhance the reliability and efficiency of your electrical system, ultimately leading to improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

Energy Efficiency

Harmonic distortions not only affect the performance of your electrical equipment but also lead to increased energy consumption. Non-linear loads introduce reactive power and additional losses into the system, resulting in higher energy bills. Our Active/Passive Harmonics Filters help eliminate these energy losses by maintaining the power factor and reducing unnecessary reactive power. By optimizing your power usage, you can achieve substantial energy savings and contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective operation.

Compliance With Standards

Regulatory agencies and power utility companies often impose limits on harmonic distortions to maintain grid stability and ensure fair power distribution. Our Active/Passive Harmonics Filters help you meet these compliance requirements by effectively reducing harmonics within permissible limits. By demonstrating compliance, you can avoid penalties, maintain good relationships with regulatory bodies, and uphold your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Customized Solutions

We understand that each facility has unique harmonic distortion challenges. Our team of experts works closely with you to assess your specific needs and design a tailored Active/Passive Harmonics Filter solution. We consider factors such as load characteristics, system capacity, and desired performance to deliver an optimized solution that addresses your harmonic mitigation requirements effectively.

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