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About Us

Myanmar Enercon Solutions was incorporated in Feb 2017. Enercon products has been in Myanmar since 10 years ago. The purpose of setting up an office in Myanmar is to provide existing customers better pre and post sales services. As a principle, we support our local customer by participating in meeting with end user and provide expertise. At the same time, we are to look for new opportunity and explore new market segment

Our Solutions

Design and Manufacturing of Power Generation Solutions


  • Open/Sound Proof Generator (Prime/Standby)
  • Generator Canopy


  • Auto Main failure Panels (AMF)
  • Automatic Synchronizing Switchgear (Sync Panel)
  • Standby Paralleling Controls
  • Utility Paralleling
  • Automatic Transfer Switches (both LV and MV)
  • Medium Voltage Switchgear (ANSI and IEC)
  • Low Voltage Switchgear up to 600V (UL Listed 891 & 1558; IEC 439 Type Tested)
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Engine Mounted Control Panels
  • Wall Mounted Control Panels
  • Remote Annunciators
  • Engine Mounted Circuit Breaker Boxes & Installation
  • Synchronizing Controller/ Auto start/stop Controller
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels
  • Capacitor Bank
  • Neutral grounding Resistor Panel (NGR)
  • Loadbank

List of References



1 LV PANEL Sync Panel with 800A MCCB for 500kVA Gensets

3 x 750kVA Generator Control Switchgear

3 x 625 kVA Generator Control Switchgear

2 Ywama IPP
  • Site situated in Ywama Power Plant
  • Supply of 66kV Control Panel Lineup
  • Master Control Panel
  • Protection and Metering Panel for 66kV incomers and feeders
3 Coca Cola Pinya Factory
  • Site is situated in Hmawbi, Yangon
  • Total of 4x1600kW 400V, 1x400kW 400V gensets synchronized together through our control systems
  • 4 x 3200A incoming & 1 x 800A incoming, 4 4000A outgoing & 1 3200A outgoing Switchgears
  • 14,000A main bus
  • Bus bar extension of bus duct system
4 Myanmar Petrochemical Enterprise (MPE)
  • Site situated in Magway, Myanmar
  • Supply of 6.6kV system to MPE
  • Total of 4 1500kW 6.6kV gensets synchronized together through our control systems
  • 4 x 6.6kV Metal Clad MV Panel
  • 1 x NGR & 4 NGS
  • 1 x Battery & Batter Charger System
5 Myanmar Pou Chen
  • Site situated in Thar Du Kan, Shwe Pyi Thar Yangon
  • 8x1600kW 400V gensets synchronized together through our control systems
  • 8x400V 3200A Switchgears
  • 1x6300A Bus Tie; 6400A main bus
  • Bus bar extension of bus duct system
6 Crown Packaging
  • Site situated in Mingalardone Industrial Park, Yangon
  • 4x1600kW 400V gas gensets synchronized together through our control systems
  • 4x3200A gensets incoming, 5x3200A Outgoing Switchgears
  • 1x6400A main bus
  • 4x3200A mains incoming Switchgear

For more project references, please contact us.

Contact Details

Myanmar Enercon Solutions Private Limited

R-B. 501 Myat Mon Condo, Lay Daunt Kan Road,
Thingangyun Township, Yangon, Myanmar
(Inside Thardu Housing Compound)

Tel: +95 9793110677
Email: sales@enercon-eng.com.sg

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